It’s (almost) end of September! πŸ‘‹

Hello friends! We are almost at the end of September and I truly hope you had a spectacular month.

For all of you parents, I know the school holidays can be one of the tough and easy times. Young children need to be entertained; however, we all get a break from packing lunches and school drop-offs and pick-ups. I was lucky to get a break and visited the beautiful Bright in Victoria. We are almost at the end of the school holidays, so back to routine in a few days.

My September was beautiful in that it started with a bang. My β€˜Financial Wellness for Women Workshop’ happened on 2nd September. Some of you would have seen me post photos on social media. It was a sold-out event and there were around 17 women in the room. The feedback was amazing in that each person got something out of it. For me, a highlight was when a couple of young adults came along and their feedback as below

β€œThis is a very informative session. I wish they would teach this at school.”

Right, yeah? These are important lessons that will help secondary school students when they move into their adult life.

I was also privileged to attend another Wyndham Learning Festival event conducted by the Multicultural Women of Victoria. It was such a beautiful event shared by over 8 different cultures. Women showcased their culture in various ways – through clothing, flags and food (which is the real highlight, if you ask me – look at the variety on my plate in the photo!). As women, we connect well over food and using this as their principle, they have regular meetings and connect over food.

Wisdom from my yoga shala

Apparently, spring is the time when our emotions tend to lean towards anger, frustration, agitation – all those unhelpful ones. I have been feeling it myself. It’s because after winter, we are entering a period of activity, so it could be natural to feel these when we are doing a lot.

The best advice I got – β€˜let it come, let it stay, let it go’. Every day in the evening (or most days of the week), I take at least 5 minutes to sit there and close my eyes. It’s not easy – believe me, especially when I’ve had a productive day and the thoughts are still going on and on inside my head. But the beauty is that is when I remind myself – β€˜let it come, let it stay, let it go’. Probably after 2 or 3 minutes, I feel myself relaxing into this rhythm. Try it and see if it helps you too.

Upcoming Workshop

I will be running a goal-setting workshop in late Nov/early Dec, so you can have your goals set for 2024. I have been doing this with my children for over 8 years and it is amazing when you put down your goals on paper – magic happens. This will be an online workshop, so you can attend from the comfort of your home. If you are interested, you can register your EOI here –

That’s it from me for my end of month. Enjoy the long weekend (if you are in VIC) and have a great last few days of September.