Live life on your terms🤩

Dear reader,

If there is one thing I strongly believe in, it is living life on your terms. That doesn’t mean throwing away all your responsibilities and running away from life. I definitely am not asking you to do it.

It is about making choices that align with your deepest desires.

Have you watched the movie ‘The Bucket List’? It is a comedy-drama film where two old men with terminally ill diseases decide to tick off the items on their bucket list before they kick the bucket.

Whether you have a bucket list on paper or in your head, we all have some things we want to do before we die. When you are in a family environment, this can be easier written than done. The question then is ‘Do I wait till my old age to do the things that I want to do’?

There is no right or wrong answer because each person is different with unique family/personal situations.

So, let me try to help you through this short article to see if you can start living life on your terms.

Actionable Steps

Step #1: Create a list

Write down all the things you want to do – from travelling to learning art to having some time to yourself every single day. This list can start off small and you can add to it as life happens.

Step #2: Choose the first thing to do

There must be something on your list that you can do right now. If one of your goals is to learn paddle boarding, that can be relatively easy if you are in Australia and that too close to a beach. Watching a sunrise and sunset in one day is another fun activity that can be done at no cost.

Choose some action item on your list that is affordable (time, knowledge and money) at this point in time.

Step #3: Set a date

Make time for your first item and lock a date and time on your calendar. If you have to make appointments, do it.

Step #4: Get excited

When you get excited about an activity, that creates good vibes in your body. You acknowledge that you are prioritising yourself and your needs, right now, not sometime in the future.

Step #5: Complete the activity and tick it off your bucket list

A bucket list may not be some hairy audacious goal for you right now. It can be getting family to help you out at home with some tasks, so you get time to yourself regularly. It can even be about creating a savings goal to travel someplace in the future.

When you live with a scarcity mindset, everything seems hard and not possible. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Start by taking the first step and see where it leads you.

My biggest wish for you this month is to give yourself permission to live life on your terms.

If this seems too hard, I am opening up a couple of spots to help women like you get on the fast track to living life on your terms. Hit reply and let’s talk.