My lessons from January

Do you know the story about the hare and the tortoise? Once, a hare and a tortoise decided to have a race to see who was the quickest. The hare was super confident of his speed and laughed at the tortoise for even participating in the race. The tortoise on the other hand decided to participate, nevertheless. On the day of the race, there was an audience and as the race started, the hare darted off. The tortoise started the race too. After a while, the hare decided to have a nap because he knew he was over the half-way mark and could outrun the tortoise, should the tortoise catch up. However, the hare ended up having a nice nap while the tortoise slowly, yet steadily finished the race and won it!

January for me felt a little like the tortoise’s journey. This is an interesting month, especially for parents. Until school starts, we (as in mothers) try to juggle work and family. For single women, it is more about getting back into a routine after the holidays.

So, how did my month go and what lessons have I learnt?

When the 4th of January came, like many other people I tried to get into the swing of things and get into work mode. Turns out, it was not for me. I just wanted to spend more time with my children. So, I decided to take it easy and did the bare minimum required. I enjoyed our summer evening walks as a family, enjoyed cooking fresh meals for my family and friends.

We were supposed to travel interstate on holidays the third week of January but had to cancel it for fear of going into lockdown. To be honest, I was disappointed, because we’d been planning the trip since early December. I decided to work straight through because what’s the point of sitting at home on holidays? But after much thought (and wisdom from the Universe), I decided to ‘out-of-office’ my inbox and give myself the space I needed to heal and recover – something I would have done had I travelled. During my week off, we went bushwalking, explored nature and had a wonderful time with friends.

In January, I facilitated a ‘goal-setting workshop’ for some lovely ladies and received fabulous feedback. I’ve gone on two podcasts and can’t wait for them to go online, so I can share it with you.

I also spent an afternoon out with some of my girlfriends and we had a fabulous time. We were all mothers and it was good to spend time away from family.

Fitness-wise, I have kept up my bi-weekly personal training sessions and can feel myself getting stronger.

All in all, it has been a fabulous month. I learnt to let go, enjoyed family time and journaled a lot to introspect and change limiting beliefs.

How has your January been? Feel free to share with me.