Reflections from March

March started off on a good note. This has been another month of learning for me. I celebrated International Women’s Day with a few of my friends. We dressed up for this special occasion, decided to Uber and went into the city. We took a lot of photos (what is an event without photos to remember), had a good time and spent an evening wining and dining. Did you do anything special?

Ever since I was introduced to MindValley, I have been an avid student. I am in no way associated with them and my views are mine only; I am only sharing how I have benefited from it. But seriously, check them out – they have free masterclasses and great paid courses.

The course that I am taking now is about Chakras in your body and how to heal them through yoga and movement. Chakras are various energy centres in your body. It is said that when energy is flowing smoothly up and down your chakras, your body and mind are functioning in harmony. If there are energy blockages, life doesn’t flow smoothly.

Quite often when our body gets sick, we get impatient. Honestly, who has time for bad health? In the second or third week of March, my body was not feeling well. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Rather than wonder why, I decided my body needed to rest. I acknowledged this and decided to honour my body with a couple of days of rest – early nights and afternoon naps. Often, I use meditation and other wellness techniques, along with rest, to aid in healing. This helped me immensely and I recovered much faster.

As a student of personal development, I have been fascinated with the internal working of not only our body but our mind and sometimes what lies beyond our minds. Things like the law of attraction and why some are really good at manifesting while others don’t even believe in it. Or telepathy, you know how sometimes you think of a person you haven’t spoken to in a long time and very soon you get a phone call from the same person. This is an ongoing journey for me, one that I am always curious about.

I have been invited to speak at my alma mater to students about my journey. Speaking to inspire young people is a rewarding experience and I am looking forward to it.

One thing that came out of the blue was my nomination and being elected to the parent council of my son’s school. I have always loved giving back to the community and collaborating with like-minded individuals. I am excited about this journey.

March has been challenging in terms of health, but I am putting in place systems and processes to optimise my life for the best energy. I’d love to hear how your month was and if there is anything I can do to help.

P.S. My coaching program is starting in June and if you want to be a part of it, let me know. It will be a small group with hands-on activities that you can implement straight away to live the life that you desire.