Reflections from May

Where have the last five months gone? Do you feel the same?

I feel certain issues are repeating month after month – like my health hasn’t been in top shape for the last few months. I feel like the Universe is trying to communicate something to me and I am ignoring it.

But before I reflect on the month that has gone by, Victorians are again in lockdown – this is lockdown #4. I know a lot of people, who will yet again struggle with this, due to lack of income or children at home or multiple reasons. My heart goes out to them.

I have learned to enjoy the short lockdowns because I believe that life will happen and we cannot control or change this; it is our response-ability that is in our control. I started the lockdown with a sleep-in and my body is thanking me for it. I have set an intention for the next 7 days. I intend to move my body, eat nutritious food, enjoy time with my family and do the best I can on the ‘work-front’.

If you are in Victoria, how do you plan to spend the next 7 days? Set an intent to spend it any way you like – maybe catch up on Netflix series, enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, sleep more, and/or ignore your family and keep working

Ok, back to my reflection. As I think back to why I feel under the weather quite often, there are a few reasons. Getting back into ‘normal’ routine i.e. face-to-face classes for my children’s extra-curricular activities has been – how do I put it – getting re-adjusted to pre-covid ways. This requires a lot of energy.

I recently did my DISC profiling and came up as an introvert. Not that I was not aware of this. Many people who meet me think I am an extrovert, but I actually am an introvert. And the definition of an ‘introvert’ is someone who gets a boost of energy by being alone as opposed to ‘extroverts’ who actually get energised being amongst other people. It’s like introverts need to make an effort to be among people and extroverts struggle to be on their own.

It makes sense to me why I enjoy the lockdowns. It is a short timeframe where I get to be more with my thoughts, conserve energy naturally and come out feeling that I can conquer the world – sort of like bears hibernating.

The second reason for my not-so-good health is that quite often I take on a lot of tasks, be it at the home front or work. I do this because I am quite efficient and can complete tasks in a short period of time compared to others. This habit of mine, though, depletes my energy quickly and eventually, my body breaks down, forcing me to rest. My learning here is that I have to outsource tasks and stick to the plan!

I have also been experiencing bad gut health. Recently, I listened to this podcast where the host and the guest were talking about this. Apparently, during COVID many people have become intolerant to gluten, where previously they didn’t have this issue. The prolonged stress in our bodies sort of caused this reaction to gluten.

If this true, all of us need to pay attention to our gut health. If you are eating healthy and still feel tired, bloated or experience any symptoms that are not normal, pay attention to what you eat. My gut doesn’t like certain foods and I still indulge occasionally – but I know I will pay the price the next day.

On the business front, I was interviewed on another podcast which should be published this Monday and I will share the link on my social media.

Finally, I still have one spot left for my pilot program on ‘Ultimate Money Management for Women’. I am offering one free spot to a lucky lady who is keen to bring about change; someone who strongly believes that life is in her control and she can create the dream life she desires. If this is you, write back to me about why I should consider you. The offer closes in 7 days, so be quick.

Take care of yourself lovely people and you will hear from me next month.