Reflections from September πŸ’ͺ🏽

September has been great for me as I got to spend quality time with my family in India. I ate a lot of good food (which is a given) both homemade and at restaurants. When I used to live in India, fusion usually meant Indo-Chinese. Nowadays fusion includes Japanese, Thai and other cuisines – yummy πŸ˜‹ Eating on a banana leaf is quite common and one of the most hygienic plates you can ever eat from.

A challenge I took upon myself was to renew my Indian Driving licence. The first constraint was that I haven’t driven a car in India for over seven years. Secondly, my parents only have a manual gear car and I am so used to the automatic ones in Australia. Before I left, I decided to shift my mindset and created a new belief that driving in India isn’t that hard, considering I’ve been driving in India since I was 16.

A few days after I landed in India, I decided to test drive before the actual test. The driving test itself was only a 2-minute drive around an β€˜S’ shaped thing they have built for these tests. It felt like time hadn’t lapsed at all. It was smooth driving and confidence like never before – maybe I wasn’t attached to the results. On the other hand, I was thinking, if this is all it takes to get a driving licence, and no actual testing on the roads, how will the quality of drivers be πŸ€”

The local markets had fresh produce. Small vendors offered fresh produce on the side of the roads in each suburb. There were people everywhere, many of them with a smile on their faces, a lot of honking on the streets and I still enjoyed all of it. I went to a Garden centre where they had a variety of species. My mum purchased a tree called ‘cat fruit’. I wonder if the fruit will go meow when it is ripe (sorry, bad joke).

I was a digital nomad on this trip – working up to noon and then having fun the rest of the day. Work was quite hectic, there were many downhill moments and I had to sort things out from overseas. But hey, I didn’t have to cook or do school pickups! This is not my first time working from India, but this time around it was a different experience. When I do more of this in the future, I will hone it to my liking. Have you ever been a β€˜digital nomad’?

Following from the previous month, the word I’ve embraced this month is β€˜allow’. It is in my DNA to be a go-getter and as I grow wiser, I realise it is not the best way to live. Earlier in the year, I got a tarot card reading and this is exactly what I got – to release. So, I am choosing to slow down, not to chase results and let the Universe send me what will help me grow.

All in all, it’s been a really good month enjoying the best of both worlds. Thank you for reading my experience in the month of September.

I hope you had a great month too. If you had any aha moments, I would love to hear from you.