Reflections from September


Yet another month has gone. With September behind us, we only have three more months until the end of 2021. A lot of people are in disbelief that the year has gone just like that. With COVID yet again taking the focus, all over the world, there are many more days ahead of us to get through this. I’ve had a conversation with people and I get it that everyone is over it. Please don’t overwhelm about the future. Just do and be the very best you can, every single day. To truly live every day as if it was the last.

Moving on to my reflections of the month gone, I have to say it has been one of the best months for me work-wise. I haven’t been this explorative in a very long time. You know how when you are in a routine, you sometimes don’t want to disturb it. But after a while, it becomes… well, a routine. Sometimes, routines can be – I wouldn’t say boring, but a little less inspirational. You move through your days like an efficient person (aka zombie) and at the end of the day, you would have accomplished a lot, but it can be the same thing that you did yesterday.

I am not against efficiency. In fact, I pride myself on being the most efficient and organised person at home. Efficiency gets things done. When combined with creativity, bigger dreams and taking risks, efficiency can come in very handy to execute your boldest dreams. So, for me, in the last few months and through September, I have taken steps to be bolder than I thought I could be. There is this kind of nervous excitement to see where it takes me.

My habits and rituals continued through the last month. This is what helped me through some emotional moments. Psst, if you are a lady (and some men too), you might understand this. There are times, when you just cry. Sometimes you don’t know why, but you feel good afterwards. I had one of those days and my system has been trained well now, that when I face a meltdown, I remove myself from the task at hand and analyse what caused it. I am not telling you this to boast, but I want you to know that you too can train yourself – to find answers to your most compelling questions, problems that won’t go away and you feel have no solution at all. You just need some hand-holding to help you on your journey of self-discovery.

This brings me to a course I have enrolled in. It’s called ‘create your destiny’ by William Whitecloud. This came about because I reached out to a friend while I was feeling quite upset. Amongst other things, she suggested I try this course and it was free too, so I enrolled in it. It goes on for six weeks with weekly live zoom sessions plus some course work. Last week was my first session and afterwards, there was a lot of resistance for me to continue. It was interesting that I could even recognise this.

My old self would have put it away and said <excuse after excuse> for why I didn’t continue the course. Nowadays, using guidance from higher intelligence, I go through some self-introspection before I decide which path to take. I don’t want to give away too much about this course and you can sign up if you want, but I have to say, the first week alone has piqued my interest and I can’t wait to complete the course.

It has been a busy month for me. But if you would like to share what happened for you in September or need someone to talk to, reach out to me. Just like my friend who helped me, I am inspired to offer a free half-hour session to help you with anything you need help with.

Until next month, take care.