5 Qs to kickstart your 2024 🤸🏻‍♀️✨

Happy New Year!

Like me, if you have been traveling, and you haven’t had a chance to think about what you want, you need to read on and just answer these five questions to get your 2024 started.

Question #1:

If you had a magic wand and could change one thing in 2023, what would it be?

Reflecting on 2023, consider every aspect of your life – work, relationships, health. Often, there’s that one thing that stands out, a facet you deeply wished to alter.

‘Discontent is the first step to bettering your life.’

Consistently feeling unhappy in an area, be it work, your personal life, or elsewhere, consumes a significant amount of your energy. Unless addressed, it becomes a barrier to living life to its fullest potential.

So, go ahead and make a commitment to initiate change in 2024. Taking that first step acts as a foundation, crafting a ladder that opens doors to transformation. Believe that this initial action will set in motion a series of positive shifts in your life.

Question #2:

What are you avoiding looking at that needs to be faced?

This is a big one. As we grow as human beings, there is always something that we don’t want to face, some area of our lives which we fail to tackle or pay attention to, deferring it with promises of ‘later’ or ‘not now.

The key lies in confronting this evasion by asking: ‘What’s the persistent untruth I tell myself?’

Is it the dream of wealth without addressing financial matters, or desiring fitness without engaging in physical activity?

What is it for you?

Identifying this falsehood is crucial—it’s the focal point demanding your attention. Until addressed, the Universe echoes this message, persistently nudging you towards action.

Question #3:

What were your 3 biggest achievements in 2023 and what would you like to achieve in 2024?

Reflecting on your notable achievements from the past year offers invaluable perspective. When we approach a new year with goals in mind, we often find ourselves at a loss, uncertain of what to strive for.

However, revisiting your accomplishments provides a compass for the future. It illuminates the path toward determining what more you aspire to achieve in the coming year.

Keep in mind, achievements needn’t be monumental to be meaningful. Your support in your child’s soccer dream or a successful work project are noteworthy achievements. They signify your presence as a supportive parent or your professional expertise. They serve as stepping stones for setting new aspirations, whether aiming for personal growth or professional advancement this year.

Question #4:

If I don’t change my habits, will my life be better or worse in the next 3 years?

Habits are the pillars of life. Research shows that 40 percent of our actions are not conscious decisions but habits. That’s massive!

The trajectory of your life in the next three years heavily depends on the habits you choose to cultivate or retain. Habits, whether positive or negative, shape the course of our lives.

The power lies in your ability to assess and modify habits, steering your life towards a more fulfilling and prosperous future.

So, it’s worth paying attention to your habits and see which ones are serving you right now and if it’s necessary to change any for your long term benefit.

Question #5:

How can I have massive energy and be consistent in life?

In order to answer this powerful question, ask yourself

‘What do I need to let go of?’

If you are constantly feeling down and like you don’t have enough time and energy, it might be true that you may be dedicating a lot of your time and energy towards projects that don’t bring joy to you.

Even if certain things served you previously, as you evolve, you need to let go of people, things and even memories to make space for something new.

The surge in energy that you will get from letting go will propel you in life, like a rocket.

Take time to sit down and answer these questions. Craft your 2024 just the way you want.