Hello beautiful ladies. I am Obu. I help women live with more joy and freedom by giving them the toold to change their relationship with money and themselves.

After earning a Master’s degree in Biotechnology in 2003, I hardly imagined I’d be a full-time mortgage broker just 6 short years later. But life is funny like that. And everything seems to happen for a good reason.

Since that fateful twist in 2009 when I became a mortgage broker and started Smart Money Solutions, I’ve written over $100 million dollars in mortgage loans. And I have become quite an expert on the technical side of lending.

I’ve also discovered I have a deep passion for helping people — particularly women — take control of their financial lives and release the stress and overwhelm money matters can so often cause.

In my time in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting women from all walks of life and have come to be genuinely intrigued by all the different mindsets and beliefs we all seem to have when it comes to money–

  • Some of us have well-paying jobs but no savings
  • Some of us let our husbands make all the financial decisions in the family
  • Some of us have gone through a devastating divorce that led to financial ruin due to a lack of planning personal finances

And some of us seem to balance saving and spending responsibly without feeling like we’re missing out on all life has to offer. Some of us are masters at managing our personal finances. Why is that?

Our relationship with money is formed at a young age, and, for better or worse, we subconsciously carry the mindset into adulthood.

But here’s the good news…

Mindset can be changed. Through intentional daily practices and personal habits, anyone can learn to have a healthy relationship with money that provides the life they want.

In my journey, I had the opportunity to confront my own beliefs about money when I moved from my homeland of India to Australia after getting married.

Shortly after moving, I had my first child. This meant I was a new mother in a new country, thrust into a crash course on managing the family finances without losing my sanity.

It’s astounding what we’re capable of when the stakes are that high.

I quickly learned how to map out a plan to make sure our family had everything we needed at the moment– while also saving enough to keep us moving toward our larger, long-term goals.

Today I coach, teach, and speak on money matters and mindsets — and focus much of my work on helping women feel more empowered when it comes to making smart decisions about their money.

Oh, and I’ve written a couple of books on the topic, too.

I feel blessed to have built from scratch a business and lifestyle that suits my family and me.

Now, I hope to inspire other women to achieve what their heart truly desires. By taking one small action a day, you can build a strong foundation for your finances and have the freedom to live life on your own terms.

And that’s a whole lot more fun than staying stuck in financial overwhelm. Freeing ourselves from money worries allows space to live a happy and free life — one where you have time and energy to do things that bring you joy.

That’s why when I’m not working to make financial freedom a reality for women everywhere, you can find me cooking up something tasty in my kitchen, singing (even if no one is around to hear me), or painting. Do more of what you love, ladies!

First step? Transform your relationship with money. Get in touch here, and let’s start working together to put your dream lifestyle within reach.

Here’s to more financial freedom!