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Money Mindset

The Key to a Richer Life

It might sound unbelievable, but mindset is THE single most important factor that determines wealth. Even more far out, it’s entirely possible (and all too common) to have plenty of money in the bank and still be unhappy. True story.

The Money Mindset keynote teaches people to think of money as just another form of energy, a creative resource to express desires. By reframing their relationship with money, they can manage it in a way that’s aligned with their most authentic life goals and desires.

In this talk, I introduce my five-step methodology for creating an intentional money mindset to propel you toward greater happiness and financial freedom.

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The S Word and Why it is Important

Lessons in Saving Money

Why do some people seem to be masters at personal finance while others struggle to save? In this talk, we’ll examine the different approaches and mindsets associated with saving money.

Audience members will discover three important money lessons to help them improve their financial peace of mind and save more– without sacrificing quality of life.

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7 Mistakes Women Make with Their Money

And How to Avoid Them

Your money should be working at least as hard as you do toward achieving your goals. If it’s not, then it’s time to reassess what you’re doing and make some changes (we’ve all been there).

In this empowering talk, you’ll learn the seven most common mistakes women make with their money and the simple, effective strategies and daily habits you can put in place today to avoid them.

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Custom Money Topic

Specific Topic That Will Resonate With Your Audience

If you’d like me to address a specific money topic, I’m happy to create a custom presentation that will resonate with your audience.