A bit of fun – Quality time with friends

I feel so guilty to go out with my girlfriends to have some fun every month!

This may not be true, especially if you are single and still in your twenties!

But let me ask the same question to all ladies in a relationship and have children. Do you take time out regularly to meet up with your girlfriends and have some good ‘girls only’ fun time?

If you say no, you are missing out big time ladies!

For those of you who don’t, what are your excuses? Let me tell you some that I can think of

  • No time
  • Children’s education
  • Classes for children
  • Work
  • No one to look after children as husband works really long hours
  • No friends (hmmm that is something you need to work on!)

I can tell you, I need my time with my ‘girl’ friends every now and then to recharge my batteries in a different way!

I’m pretty sure you would love to do the same. The excuses are in your head.

If you really want to do something, anything – you would find a way to do it.

All you need to do is slot some time in your diary, find someone to baby sit (if you need to) and just go out with your friends. It will be the best remedy for your soul.

Go on, call your friends, catch up for even a cuppa and enjoy your very first outing ‘solo’.