A fulfilled life can help you attract money 🤑

With the end of 2023 almost in sight, let me ask you – ‘how has your year been’? Is it what you envisioned or has it surpassed your expectations?

At this time of the year, we can be a bit low on energy. With the change in season and also for parents, being the last term of the school year, it can feel like the final stretch of a marathon. And I get it – you just want to get through November and into the Christmas season – to get some rest during the holiday season.

But remember, we have over two months till the end of this year.

So, let me ask you again. Have you had a fulfilling life so far this year? Not just from a career perspective but in all aspects of life?

Often, we neglect our health, our family, and our fun for the sake of one thing that society has taught us to place importance on – our career and how much money we make from it.

There is this story where a little boy happens to come across a stone pitcher filled with tasty nuts. He puts his hand inside the narrow opening of the pitcher and tries to grab as much as he can. When he tries to pull his hand out, it’s impossible because of the narrow opening. The boy yanks and yanks but cannot get his hand out. A passerby looks at him and says ‘if you were satisfied with less, you could have pulled out your hand easily’.

Life will always throw a lot of things at us and most of it can feel like just what you dreamed of. There’s nothing wrong with big dreams, but sometimes when you try to grab everything at once, you end up with nothing at all.

It is important to first understand what you want, then set a plan and work towards it. You have to pace yourself. Life is a marathon and slow and steady can get you where you want to be.

This is the very idea that I help women like you <name> uncover in my goal-setting workshop. First, to identify what is close to your heart and then to choose one or two things that you would like to achieve in 2024. I say ‘one or two things’ because life is much more than just a career. In our goal-setting workshops, it is about finding at least one thing that you would like to achieve in the eight categories of life and setting goals for each of those – ultimately giving you clarity on the direction and steps to take.

When you find balance in your life, attracting money becomes a little bit easier. The vibrations in our body determine what frequencies to attract and the frequency of money likes balance in all aspects of your life.

Remember, when you pace yourself, it is easier to travel on the journey of life.