Autumn, a time for cleansing

Most people love autumn for the changing colours of leaves on trees. This is a season where you can see hues of yellow, orange, red and gold on trees and bushes. It is also the season of harvest. In many countries, the crops grown during summer are harvested before the frost sets in. Some animals go into hibernation.

For us humans, as the busyness of summer is winding down and we are getting ready for cooler days and nights, it is important that we follow nature’s path of slowing down. This is a time for cleansing.

From a money perspective, this cleansing can help you in many ways in the rising interest rate economy.

What does this look like for me?

I have been feeling the heaviness in the air over the last week. I (my mind) work well in an uncluttered environment and I naturally tend to clean out things every now and then. This brings a feeling of lightness to the air.

If like me, you predominantly work from home, this act of removing unwanted stuff will bring in fresh vibrant energy by removing the old, stale energy from your environment.

Not only that, from a money perspective, cleaning out things that no longer serve you can mean that you get some $$$ in your pocket. Just last month, listing some of the old uniforms on a social media platform brought me $100 in my pocket.

I also found some good quality toys that my children no longer played with and haven’t used in a while. I did not want to sell this. So, I chose to give it away to someone whose child might appreciate these. One family came to collect a toy and the genuine appreciation I saw in the boy’s eyes as he got the items from me was priceless.

Your cleansing can be someone else’s joy.

What can this look like for you?

Often, our demanding lives don’t let us slow down. Regardless of the season, we still need to keep going – work, children, health – the list can be endless. And if you are someone who doesn’t like cleaning, you will never get to it.

Each of us is unique. So, find out what cleansing can bring you some peace and joy in this season of autumn. Is it in the area of health or spending or food or <insert whatever feels right to you>?

I urge you to explore the season in any way that feels right to you, your body and your mind. Don’t let worldly demands push you around. Find at least five minutes a day to take care of yourself.

Until next time…