Building Resilience: Strategies for Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Life is a rollercoaster

Just gotta ride it

Do you know the song by Ronan Keating?

Life actually is a roller coaster and the better we can ride it, the more enjoyable the journey will be.

Dictionary defines resilience as “the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties”.

It is easier said than done, hey?

Let me share with you some strategies to build resilience and overcome challenges in life.

  1. Change the narrative

When something bad happens, we run (and re-run) the story in our heads till we feel like our head is going to burst and our heart can no longer stand it. Humans tend to ruminate and live over the pain. This practice doesn’t help us in any way to heal and move forward.

One way to do this is through journaling. If you’ve had a fight with your best friend and can’t seem to shake it off, keep journaling about your thoughts until there are no more words to be poured out.

For other matters that are harder to shake off with writing, you can choose to seek professional help.

Once you know that there is a solution to your problem, then you will learn to move forward.

  1. Face your fears

Every one of us has fears that we don’t want to face. From the fear of the public to the more real fears like the fear of snakes or spiders, facing some of your fears can help you build resilience.

If you are scared to speak in front of an audience, try speaking at a friend’s gathering, in front of people you know and slowly move to speaking in front of an audience.

I used to have this fear and over the years, I have taken courses and put myself in front of audiences to become a better speaker. Even now, before I step onto a stage, I have butterflies in my tummy, but that helps me perform well.

Have a growth mindset towards your fears and slowly build resilience.

  1. Practice self-compassion

Often, we are our worst enemies. If your friend or child did something and came to you for advice, would you chastise them or offer friendly advice? The next time you are hard on yourself, think what advice you would give a loved one and do the same with yourself.

Self-compassion is all about offering kindness and warmth without judgment when we are suffering. This isn’t about not doing what you are supposed to and then calling it being compassionate.

In situations where you have done everything possible and still, things are not right or haven’t gone the way they should have, be kind to yourself.

Techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and exercise can help you build the mental and emotional strength to overcome obstacles.

Children are better at being resilient and I think it’s because they have a playful nature towards everything. As adults, we get too serious and think that if we are not serious, then life is doomed.

If you would like to incorporate playfulness into your life, a good way is to set goals that mean a lot to you in all areas of your life.

Check out my ‘Realign and Thrive’ workshop and if it resonates with you, I’d love to help you find a little more joy and playfulness in 2024.