Reflections from January

I want to share the story of the Chinese Bamboo. There was once a Chinese farmer who had a big plot of land. He wanted to plant seeds of the Chinese Bamboo tree because he knew that once it grew, it will provide a better future for not just his family but generations to come. […]

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Does fear stop you from achieving something that you really want? Let me share my story…. Growing up in India, as girls, we were not allowed to express our opinions on a lot of things. Why? Because we were girls, we had to be obedient and good girls never spoke up. My parents were open […]

The Dot

You know, my daughter is becoming a source of inspiration to my articles. She shared this amazing story with me the other day and it inspired me a lot, that I want to share it with you. Have you heard about a picture book called ‘The Dot’ – written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. […]