Comparison is your worst enemy!

My friend has this beautiful house, an expensive car, beautiful clothes – literally everything I want. I work equally hard. How come I don’t have the same things?

Is this conversation familiar?

Somehow in today’s world, comparison seems to be the norm. It starts way before we become adults, right from school – with wanting to get better grades in comparison to someone else. There is nothing wrong with good grades. But does schooling involve teaching our children how to be a better person? I also understand some schools have this as a part of the curriculum.

Then where does the system go wrong, when during ‘teen’ age the values change and comparison starts?

It only gets worse as we grow up.

Imagine this very common, but true scenario. Mr. A or Ms. B working at an office envies the next person – either of their job or pay or life! Or another person in business envies another business owner of their success.

Why have we lost the ability to think what we want rather than what the next person has and feel envious?

In each of the cases above, have you ever considered that ‘a person’ has some things in their life and they have worked towards it – in some form to make it happen?

A classic example is that of business owners. It is very common to see another person achieving huge business success and you wanting the same. Do you know if they have sacrificed family time or personal time to get to that level?

Or if you knew what they did, are YOU ready to do all they do to achieve the same level of success?

That is the big question.

Whenever you find yourself comparing, it is wise to ask yourself – what is your life situation and what do you want in your life? That is where goal setting helps you and every time you compare to someone else, catch your thought and replace with thoughts of achieving your goals.

Do you have an example where comparison made you feel bad and how you handled it? I would love to hear from you.