Do you know your financial goals for 2024? ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’น

Every new year heralds fresh beginnings. Last time, I shared five questions to elevate your holistic living in 2024. Now, let’s delve into five more questions to ignite your financial goals for the year ahead.

Q1:ย How can I foster a mindset of Financial Abundance in 2024?

Reflect on your money beliefs. Are there constraints that hinder your sense of financial abundance?

Try this revealing exercise: When ‘money’ crosses your mind, jot down every thought without pause. Set a timer for 5 minutes, noting thoughts even when you think there’s nothing more to say.

Detecting patterns, ask yourself: How can I shift towards an abundance mindset, attracting and managing wealth effectively?

Q2: What specific Financial Goals will propel me closer to Financial Freedom?

Define your ‘rich life,’ as Ramit Sethi advocates. I’ve long embraced this notion instilled in my upbringing – desire for things purely on personal merit, not comparisons. When we were younger and if we asked for something (like a pencil or sharpener), our dad would always buy it โ€“ if it was something that we wanted and not because someone else had it.

So, I learnt from a young age, that it is ok to want things but never because someone else has it.

Set tangible financial goals resonating with your vision of abundance. Whether saving, investing, debt repayment, or entrepreneurial pursuits, chart clear and feasible paths empowering your financial journey.

Q3:ย How can I prioritize Financial Self-care and Well-being in 2024?

Consider your financial well-being as an integral part of your holistic health. Embrace the notion that you can choose your challenges – the hardships of limited resources or the complexities of managing more. Financial self-care isn’t solely about earning more; it’s about diligent management.

How can you incorporate financial self-care practices into your routine? This could involve regular budget reviews, seeking financial education, or even engaging a financial advisor for guidance.

In 2023, I chose to take a trip with my girlfriends. I saved up money to do this. So, choose your financial wellbeing in 2024.

Q4:ย How can I empower myself financially this year?

We donโ€™t know what we donโ€™t know. Acknowledge that learning is the gateway to a better financial future.

Another important lesson I learnt when I was young, is to learn something and then delegate where possible. Itโ€™s the same with your finances too.

Think about the skills or knowledge you want to acquire to bolster your financial confidence. Whether it’s learning about investments, understanding property purchases, or improving your budgeting skills, focus on empowering yourself with financial education.

Then surround yourself with the right team to make your financial dreams come true.

Q5:ย How will Gratitude shape my Financial journey?

Gratitude is a powerful force in shaping one’s life. When you are grateful for something, it brings more of it into your life.

Explore how gratitude and positivity can shape your financial journey. How can you integrate gratitude practices into your financial life? Celebrating financial wins, however small, and reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth can foster a positive relationship with money.

At one time, when I saved a significant amount of money for the first time in business, I took a screenshot of it. It is a reminder of what is possible and I look at when I feel things are not going the way I want. Consider creating reminders of your financial achievements to inspire positivity during challenging times.

Remember, the power to craft the life of your dreams, both financially and otherwise, lies within you. Take the time to set your financial goals for 2024, paving the way for a journey that aligns with your joy.