Frustrated with all the negativity?


It’s September 2020 and the lockdown is still in effect (at least in Victoria, Australia). It’s been hard for most people, almost six months from when it all started.

I try not to get stuck too much into negativity (in general) because that doesn’t get you anywhere. So, I’ve taken to learning new art (my painting skills have improved enormously).

Even then, the last few days have been hard. Mentally, it was a struggle to motivate me to be positive. A few days into this low energy cycle, realisation hit me. In that aha moment, I realised that I can only control what I can. I worked my way back up into a positive state by asking the questions below and realised that my life is so beautiful. Sometimes, there are some hiccups in life that slow you down but remember ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

Grab a cup of your favourite drink (tea, coffee, wine) and ponder on these powerful questions.

  • What are your top 10 achievements in life? (personal and professional)
  • Who are you grateful for? (friends, family, spouse)
  • What new things are you learning that makes you feel fulfilled? (emotional, physical, hobbies)
  • What have you created recently that gives you joy? (art, cooking and so on)
  • How can you choose to keep your mind and body full of energy? (exercise and healthy eating)
  • Is your cup full, so you can give wholeheartedly? (If not, work on it)
  • What are your daily non-negotiables to make you feel on top of the world? (mine are meditation, exercise and me-time)
  • Who do you need to forgive? (so that you are not carrying the junk inside you)
  • What small things can you do right now to improve your mood? (sleep, watch a funny video, go for a walk, talk to a friend)

Do any of the questions resonate more with you? Feel free to share your answers with me.

P.S. The image is my painting – an art form called ‘Kerala Mural’ that I learnt in August. It was really hard and at times frustrating learning the technique online, but in the end, I am very proud of what I’ve learnt – every good thing takes time and patience