Have an abundant mindset

We are infinite beings living in this human body. This is a concept that a lot of us struggle to comprehend and accept. We think, we are just humans and are born on this earth to live and die and that is the end of life.

I have a slightly different view. We are infinite beings. We live on forever. The ‘we’ I refer to is the soul or the energy source or the consciousness that inhabits your human body for the length of time you are on this earth.

So, what does this have to do anything with abundant mindset?

What if you actually are born on this earth only to experience life in its best version?

What if there is no failure and only life experiences?

What if everything you try will only help you become a better version of yourself – both the good and the ‘not-so-good’ experiences?

What if everything that happens in your physical ‘human’ world is a result of your thoughts?

What if everything you did is actually your choice and you are ok with the result of that choice?

What if you had no judgement about your choice – good or not good?

And finally…

What if the Universe is actually benevolent and wants to help you? Aha, there is a thought that can actually serve you, in your favour.

If the Universe is really benevolent and you are an infinite being, then all your thoughts must come true to help you achieve what you want (what you think in your mind); and, sometimes other things happen which is better than what you wanted, but you don’t realise it at that time.

Whether you believe in this or not, how about I ask you to try this concept, as if this is true, for the next 30 days?

If there is something you truly want – be it a pay rise or new job or good health or improve your relationship with someone – for the next thirty days, take at least one minute everyday, to focus on what you want. In that minute, tell yourself and the Universe, with utmost intent and belief that what you want will appear in the next thirty days.

A word of warning here – you have to take at least some action for this to happen. If this is regarding your health, you may have to take action regarding your eating or exercise. If it is about your job, again, take some action. Any action towards achieving your desired state.

Action + belief are the two things that can bring about what you desire.

Try this and let me know if you had even a minute change in your life.

Lots of love and blessings…