How Negative Self Talk Affects Women’s Money Mindset and What to Do About It

Women face a unique challenge when it comes to money: negative self-talk. It is something that can swallow their confidence and inhibit their success in the long run. Women need their money mindset, free of negative self-talk, to foster healthy behaviour and financial wellbeing.

Negative self-talk can impact women’s money mindset more than anything else, and it often leads to many struggles or makes them give up on opportunities. This may happen in a variety of ways, such as believing that earning money is not their forte, as it is more suited for men or that they are not good enough for high paying jobs.

Women are inherently less likely to negotiate a salary 💰 or ask for a raise, due to underlying negative beliefs, such as they do not deserve higher pay or they just have to over-contribute in order to hold on to their job. This type of attitude can hinder a woman’s ability to approach business deals and investment opportunities with the same spirit and tenacity as their male counterparts. In other words, the negative self-talk can become an obstacle in the way of great money-making opportunities.

What to do about it

Combatting negative self-talk is all about taking measures that work for one’s self and what can help propel them forward in any given scenario.

Step #1: The first step is self-awareness. Recognizing negative self-talk is very important in dealing with it.

Step #2: Challenge core beliefs. Look for underlying core beliefs that determine your mindset and challenge them.

Step #3: Access regular affirmations and self-reflection that can break the negative cycle. You can do this by reframing the thought. If you say ‘I’m not good at keeping money at all’ reframe by saying ‘I am paying attention to this thought which is the first step to breaking this cycle’.

Step #4: Cultivate the right money mindset. This is a belief that women can break free from gender stereotypes that box them from earning higher salaries or pursuing more ambitious roles. Women should work on redesigning their mindset or adopting a new perspective by clarifying their money goals and reflecting on the challenges that ‘negative’ money beliefs can create.

Step #5: The fifth step is looking for support. Seek guidance from people who have gone through similar experiences and can offer some useful insights that can help bring clarity and peace to an individual’s mindset. Support groups and networks can provide guidance and encouragement to take action and execute successful plans.

Step #6: Use gratitude as a tool. Being grateful for what you have can bring in more of what you want.

Step #7: Journal. Keeping note of your thoughts can help you find patterns, be compassionate to yourself and even find solutions to your problems.

A healthy money mindset is critical to the long-term financial success of women. Open dialogues around negative self-talk issues need to be initiated more frequently to help women build and lean into their best money mindset. With the right approach, women can overcome their limiting beliefs, identify their financial goals and reach their potential.

If you are struggling with any limiting beliefs, I can help you. You are not alone, so please get the support you need.

This month I challenge you to get curious, identify one negative self-talk on money mindset and take the first step towards changing it.