How to design your ideal life?

For many of us life goes on and we are caught up in the daily grind. When we are younger, we live life full throttle. Our 20s are the best example of this.

Most people get their first paid work in their 20s and it gives them a new sense of freedom, a sense of excitement to do what they wish. It also brings with it responsibilities and for some, it might be the first time that they are truly responsible for their life. Many experiments happen during this time and it involves friendships, relationships and even work environments. This is an interesting phase and often determines the direction of life in the future.

When you get your first job in your 20s and assume it is your dream job, it might feel like you are living your ideal life. For some, the 30s can be a little more organised but demanding. Experience from the previous decade can help shape your life in your 30s and beyond. But somewhere along the line, life becomes monotonous. If you have a partner and children, you try to keep swimming and keep your head afloat.

Through this journey called life, if you have lost track and feel that life is not exciting, know that you have a choice to re-design your life – just like you did when you were at school and looking forward to your future. You need to stop and think about the direction you are travelling in.

Here are the steps to design your ideal life.

Step #1: Identify and acknowledge that life is not happening the way you want.

This is an important step. Sometimes we have that niggling feeling that we are not happy. Unless you acknowledge this, you can’t move forward.

Step #2: Get excited about possibilities

Know that there is hope to create life, as you wish it to be. Age is not a factor when it comes to designing your ideal life.

Step #3: Remove what is no longer needed

The moment you realise life is not happening the way you want, analyse what is not working. Often there could be multiple projects or things happening in your life and I don’t mean in your job. Your family, your friends and other relationships, money, work, peer-pressure, all the drama – remove anything that is not serving you. Be honest and truthful to yourself.

Step #4: Get clear on the direction you want to travel

Often, it can be hard to know the steps to take to create your new life. But as they say, have a dream and just take the first step. The Universe will create a path that you need to take and bring you people/mentors and anyone else to make this dream happen.

Step #5: Listen to your intuition and take action

Like the first step, this is also an important step. Just by dreaming, nothing comes to life. Action is the only truth. When you see people who have achieved their dreams, it means they have taken action towards reaching their goals, no matter what.

Trust the Universe, create a new plan and take the first step. I hope you get to create the dream life you so deserve. If this is something I can help you with, please reach out to me.