How to set achievable goals?

We all love to achieve things and the best way to get it done is through goals. Quite often a new year comes and we all set goals, but by the end of January, we forget that we even set goals!

Have you ever wondered why this becomes a pattern for some of us while a small percentage of women smash their goals?

It could do a lot with how your brain is wired. Does that mean, for those who are not wired, it is never going to be easy to achieve your goals?

I think it is possible for anyone to train their brain to achieve what they want in life. You know the saying “Our dreams can come true, if we first believe we can achieve it”? It is so true that if you can visualise your dreams and goals in your mind, you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

One other reason why some women struggle is that either they don’t have clearly written goals (SMART goals) or they haven’t broken it down into actionable steps. By the way, SMART stands for

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achieveable

R – Realistic

T – Time related

This might sound like a lot to do, but in actual fact – this is the exact reason why some are able to achieve their goals.

You need to write down your goals on a piece of paper for your mind to process it and keep referring back to what you said you want to achieve!

Also, linking goals to emotions can help a lot in achieving it. For example, let’s say your goal is to save $5,000 in one year. You then need to link this goal to your “why”. Do you know why you want to save $5k? Is it to pay off some of your debts or a mortgage? Or perhaps you want to take a holiday that you’ve dreamed of for years?

Break down every goal and link to an emotion. If you really badly want something then you will get it done!

One tip is to find a link minded friend to map your goals and then to hold each other accountable. I have known some amazing women who achieve their goals just by partnering with someone! My second tip is to choose only one or two goals per year and achieve them before choosing more.

Can you share some ways that have helped you achieve your goals?