I wanted something different…

Have you ever gone through a period in life where you thought ‘it’s not working anymore’ and you seriously needed some change?

A time when you would do anything to get out of where you were? When you were ready to move in a new direction, where it would lead you to your land of Oz.

I’ve felt like that for quite a while and I even though I tried different ways to get out of it, I felt like I was stuck. I really wanted to create a new version of myself as I had outgrown my old version…. long ago.

My belief in spirituality also meant that things would move when the time was right. Sometimes we try so hard, like a hamster on a wheel, but we still feel stuck. At other times, like a fairy working its magic, with a gentle push (by the Universe), things fall into place.

How did I recognise this? I paid attention to my emotions and even though I was ticking boxes and doing what I love most of the time, surrounded by family and friends, there was a little dissatisfaction lurking somewhere deep inside.

[HINT: Always pay attention to your dissatisfaction. It is never about being ungrateful but a gentle nudge from the Universe to move in a direction that will help you grow and evolve.]

So, late in September, I decided to take a step towards something new and signed up to create the life of my desire. I have to say I heavily invest in myself and every year spend $$$ to learn and become the best possible version of myself.

As a result of this, my October has been really productive, that I must say. I am feeling much happier because my actions are now moving me in the direction my soul has been craving to go towards.

Here is what I want you to know

Any form of settling – is not good for you, your soul or the people around you.

For people like you and me…

We know as divine beings, we can be grateful for what we have now, yet crave for something different, something new.

We can embrace the now and let our hearts desire for a newer version of ourselves – in all aspects of our lives – from career to money to health to relationships.

If any part of you feels like you are ready for a new version, then I’d encourage you to check out my ‘Realign and Thrive’ workshop on the 2nd of December.

This could be the gentle nudge that you needed to get out of your stuckness and take the first step towards a heart-fulfilling, fun-filled version of yourself in 2024.

To have fun. To explore. To go on adventures.

Don’t settle, seek out what is seeking you.