Living in Tune (not in fear) ♾

The month of June was a challenge for me in many ways. When my partner decided to go on a two-week holiday to visit family, I thought it would be a cruisy two weeks. But my son got covid the day after my husband left and that threw me off balance. Later in the month, we all got covid. A tough month is one way to describe June.

If I dive deep into it, I feel I was not living in tune with my life and that’s why things got out of balance. There was an element of fear. Anytime, my family or I need to get on a plane, I apparently get nervous. My husband made that observation and I’m like – what are you talking about? But when I analysed it further, I realised that if all of us travel together as a family, I am fairly ok. If not, worse-case scenarios keep going on in my mind – what if something happens to the person travelling, what if we get covid, this, that and the other.

When we live our lives from a place of fear, of course, it manifests in our life. Being a student of the law of attraction and practising manifestation, I should know that this is true. But I am human too; every now and then I forget about the Universal laws.

The thing is, you can be in alignment with one or more parts of your life while some parts feel misaligned. There is constant work to do as you go through your journey called life, but it doesn’t have to be an effort. When you pay attention to your body and emotions, anytime you have a yucky feeling or a feeling of dread – in any part of your life, you can take time to sit with it and ask your intelligent body the meaning of the not-so-good feeling. Your body has the wisdom to tell you what is wrong and how to correct it – if only you will take the time to listen.

The month of June has been a reminder for me to pay attention to what is not in sync in my life and to go deep to understand how I created it. The first step is to pay attention, then you can work on correcting whatever is not working for you. But beware, the ego will keep saying ‘It’s not your fault’. Unless you take ownership, change cannot happen.

If you get sick often, is it because you are not eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising enough?

If you feel overwhelmed with lack of time, is it because you are not organised with work and/or binge-watching TV at the end of the day?

If you are constantly feeling low, is it because you are not spending enough time meditating or being around the right kind of people?

This work can be difficult to do on your own. If you are struggling with some aspect of your life – health, work or money, reach out to me and let’s see how we can work together to elevate your life.

I choose to ‘live in tune’ with my body and trust the Universe, what about you?