My journey in 2022 🚶🏽‍♀️🔥

A reflection of the year that’s gone. And the word I chose for 2022 is FLOW.


I had a lot of time to just be with myself after my surgery – no parties or get-togethers. It was a hard time when I couldn’t use my voice to talk, let alone sing. Healing took a lot of my attention, time and energy. I did watch a lot of TV and it was fun. At one time in my life, I used to feel like watching TV was a waste of time. In the recent past, I have learned to appreciate watching TV with moderation (unless it’s the weekend when I can binge-watch a series that has just been released). All in all, January was fun.


Most of my Feb was also spent in healing. One interesting lesson in Feb is the way I looked at completing my artwork called ‘stitch kit’ – it is like a paint by numbers but with thread. When I started a new colour, I was super excited, but then lost interest soon. It happened with most colours. When realisation struck me, I decided to make it fun for myself. I did complete my artwork and slowly started using my voice for singing. If there is one word to sum up February, it is ‘persistence’.


March was a month of positivity and flow. Having recovered a bit from my surgery, I decided to get together with friends to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’. We headed out to a winery and had a lot of fun. It was also a month when I learnt which opportunities to pursue and which ones to ignore. Because when you say ‘yes’ to something, you are saying ‘no’ to something else. So, choose wisely.


My favourite month – my birthday month. It’s lucky that my birthday falls mostly during school holidays and if it coincides with the Easter weekend even better because we end up going on a mini-getaway to refresh ourselves. This year, I had beautiful moments with friends and family.


I delivered my first ever webinar in April to a group of women. It was great that I went out of my comfort zone but too many activities in April left me drained. So, I came to the conclusion that my body was still healing and needed me to slow down. I reminded myself of my chosen word (flow) and decided to tone it down a notch. April was a month of fun and courage.


Another month where I stretched my comfort zone by being a speaker at a Healthy Body and Soul Festival. It was a last-minute thing yet the audience enjoyed some fun activities while I took them through my simple steps on ‘Simply to Amplify your life’.

I also got to shoot multiple videos for a local Tamil channel called AusTamilTV which has been aired on YouTube. This was a big achievement for me – to go and make so many videos. The preparation was hectic and I was a little nervous before the shoot.

I had my second webinar in May, another feather in my cap. I also started work on a painting for a very special person – my sister.

As I’m writing this, I am thinking ‘whatever happened to listening to my own advice of slowing down’? Some commitments need to be honoured and I shall put it to that.


June was interesting because we literally had to stop as Rona paid us all a visit. It was not fun and it made us stop to heal. This and other factors made me think about my webinars and I decided to stop these for now.


July was a month of introspection. I was moving a lot of the stale energy – inside me, around me and replacing it with fresh, vibrant energy. It was a month when I spent time thinking about the direction my business was moving and what I needed to do. Decisions were made; the results of which I am seeing now.

I learnt something interesting in May – Ho’oponopono. It’s a very simple mantra that you can chant at any point in your everyday life – when you are happy, when you are sad, when things don’t go your way – literally any time you want, to keep up with the good vibe flowing.

Here it is…

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.


It was another big month as I decided to travel to India to visit family after 3 years. Being a solopreneur meant I still had to work, yet it was good to be back in the country. Before I left, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by another local radio channel. August was truly a month where I let things flow and decided to keep it that way.


This was a month where I had great results as a result of being able to shift my mindset – in a big way. I renewed my Indian driver’s licence! Having not driven in India for over 7 years and not driven a manual car that long, it felt like a big achievement but it was mostly through a mindset shift that I was able to achieve this. In September, yet again I chose to slow down, not to chase results and let the Universe send me what will help me grow.


Oct was a month of Hindu celebrations – Navratri and Diwali. That meant a lot of sweet treats and I had to recalibrate my body after these huge celebrations. It came down to paying attention to my body. This is so important because life is not linear and things like these will happen and we need to pay attention when things don’t feel right. All in all, October was a month of celebration.


November went at the speed of light. Through the busyness of the end of the year, I tried to pay attention to my body and my emotions. One interesting word I came across is ‘Kuchisabishi’ – a Japanese word that literally means ‘lonely mouth’ or ‘longing to have or put something in one’s mouth’ 😂


Throughout this month, I will spend (or have spent) time reflecting on the year that has gone by and look forward to 2023. December is a month when we plan our goals as a family for the year to come. This has been a tradition for the past few years. Each year my children and I look forward to our goal-setting sessions and end up creating a beautiful vision board – one for each of us.

For the last two years, I’ve been offering a selected group of people my Goal setting workshop to get clear on what they want from life in the new year. This is not just about work but all aspects of your life so you feel fulfilled as a whole. If this is of interest to you, here is a link to register –

Hope you enjoyed your 2022 journey as much as I did. Have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you in 2023.