My May month in review – handling emotions 🥴

Lessons I learnt on handling emotions…

May was very retrospective for me. This month I decided I want things to be different. It was a Monday. My daughter did not have school but I had to drop off my son at school. As I woke up in the morning after a late-night Sunday catchup with friends, I knew this would be a day of tears.

I decided to try something different. So, even though I was tired, I had a hot shower and got ready. While waiting for my son in the car, the tears started. I wiped them off and decided to indulge in it after dropping off my son at school.

I was unusually quiet in the car. I wondered if my son noticed and if he did, would he say anything that would open the flood gates. Boys being boys, he either didn’t notice or decided to keep it to himself. Great choice, I thought and kept driving.

Even though random thoughts came into my head, the prominent one was – this too shall pass. I kept telling myself, ‘hormones vs my personal development’, and eventually my mind was able to take control.

With a triumphant ‘ haha, there you go hormones!’ I kept chanting something just to keep my mind distracted, from what could happen if I didn’t have anything to think. That worked for a bit.

After drop off, I was just driving back – the sun’s rays on my face and I felt like a curtain lifted and I mood improved a bit. I thought I could try and change my work environment, so I worked from the couch.

The day was unexpectedly busy and I occupied my brain doing all the things that normally happen on a Monday. By evening clarity descended.

It had been worthwhile taking an evening walk by myself with Raj Jana’s wise words from one of his podcast episodes. The gist of the talk was that any time I’m triggered, it is my insecurities popping up and that hit a chord.

Ever since that episode, I have been paying attention to my emotions and how my body feels.

Moving onto some lighter stuff, it was good to be out and about attending a few face-to-face events. I even volunteered for my daughter’s school trip to Scienceworks. I thoroughly enjoyed the day out and learnt a lot.

As a speaker…

I was a speaker at an event called ‘Healthy Body and Soul’ and the audience enjoyed some fun activities while I took them through my simple steps on ‘Simply to Amplify your life’.

I also got to shoot a series of videos for AusTamil TV. I shared multiple 2-3 minute tips on money management, women, mortgages and how to live life on your terms. This will be aired as weekly tips on the channel later this year. This was a big achievement for me – to go and make so many videos. The preparation was hectic and I was a little nervous before the shoot. It all went well and I am excited for when these will be aired.

Lemonade Stand Webinar

This month, our webinar topic was ‘Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?’. A good conversation happened with Kylie and Liz and lots of wisdom was shared. A few of the attendees said it really helped them on their journey of moving from PAYG to being self-employed.

Next month, I have another amazing speaker coming to speak on ‘Property Circles’. The gist is that they help people form circles and buy properties in those circles. They have nailed this over the last 8 years, so it will be an interesting one for sure. If you are interested to join, let me know and I will keep you posted.

My artwork

When May started, I promised myself that I would work on this one art I started last year. This was special as it was a request from my sister. I had to deliver this by the end of the month. Any spare time was spent on this and I finished well before the end of the month. It was a pleasure to have created this intricate masterpiece for someone I care about. It truly tested my artistic ability to a great extent. I am yet again inspired to turn to art in my spare time rather than binge watch TV.

That’s it from me for this month folks. Hope you had a great month too.

Until next time, take care.