My monthly reflection – August 2023

Hello, my beautiful readers. How has your August been?

Can you believe that we only have only 4 months till the end of the year? Personally, I am looking forward to spring. There is something about spring that is fresh and aligns in my mind with birth and newness in life.

The time when flowers start blossoming and leaves start appearing on branches. A thought or knowing that after a period of quiet (winter), it is time to look forward to activity. Not to say that we are totally hibernating during winter (though I have often wished this could be the case). Perhaps the longer and brighter days naturally align with our circadian rhythm.

August has been yet another productive, busy month for me. One of the highlights was my preparation for my ‘Financial Wellness 101 : for Women’ workshop happening soon. It is on the 2nd of September, 2023. There are still a few spots left and if you and any woman you know would like to attend, please register using this link –

This is a Wyndham Council backed event and I am so looking forward to it. This has been my dream for so long and I am glad I took the first step to host this event. Before I could register this event, I had many doubts in my mind. Who would want to come along, who am I to speak about this topic – all sorts of ‘tall poppy’ syndrome issues and I almost let my mind convince me to not do it this year.

I took a risk and started by booking a venue. I am proud to say that my event is nearly booked out with only less than 3 spots left. I consider it the first step to something amazing and big happening in the future. If I can even inspire one woman on the day, I am one step closer to my mission.

I also had the opportunity to volunteer for a Homelessness event where we helped pack bags of toiletries for the homeless. There was an inspirational lady who spoke on the day about she overcame homelessness at the age of 70 and is now going around speaking about her journey to help others in a similar situation.

One of the beautiful things that I noted in my journal in August is this.

“I am not my title, my name, my job or the roles I play. If that is true, then I (this body) am only a vessel temporarily on Earth.

I am not the owner of anything or anyone including everything I have in my life currently (family, business, relationships, even my name).

So, in moments of discomfort, let everything pass through this body – people, emotions and experiences. Know that nothing is permanent.”

I have heard many times that ‘this too shall pass’. But listening to the above words hit me powerfully.

I hope your month went well too. If you would like to share anything at all, I am happy to receive an email from you.