My reflections from March – a month of positivity and flow💝

What a month March has been. A lot of learnings for me on the personal front. I would say this month has been a month of positivity and flow.

I follow the Hindu religion and some of its teachings. The first day of the month was an auspicious day called Maha shivarathri – this is followed by a certain sector of people. The belief is that if you are awake the whole night invoking Shiva’s blessing, you will go straight to heaven (is it true, I’m not sure). But I received an invite for a ritual at a friend’s place. This is my first time attending such a ritual and when I went, there were a lot of people. Me being an introvert, I decided to stay in a corner and observe the happenings. Through the ceremony, there were certain thoughts and feelings that passed through my mind and body. It is an unexplainable feeling – of gratitude but more for the exposure to the positive vibration, my body was exposed to for the time I was there.

March is one of my favourite months because of International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate who we are. I got to celebrate this day – twice. Once with my friends at a beautiful winery and a second time with women in finance.

This year with many face-to-face events happening, I went to an IWD celebration for women in finance. What an awesome gathering of women. Again, me being who I am, I mingled around a bit, spoke to people I knew and maybe (honestly) one other unknown person. I felt triumphant that I managed to talk to one unknown person.

I found a seat, somewhere in the front (another big move for me as I usually hang around at the back), sat and was observing the various things happening on stage. At one point during a break, one of my bank contacts came to me, said hello and introduced me to the lady sitting next to me (to who I sat next to for around 1 hour and didn’t say a word).

From that introduction, a conversation happened and we are in talks to do some good things – together. It is good to have cheerleaders around you. That day it was a male who became my cheerleader.

In life, we get so many opportunities. They say when you are ready and have taken that first step, the Universe will start sending you many opportunities to go and get what you want. This month I’ve had multiple such opportunities. When there are many things coming your way, which ones do you choose and which ones do you let go? This is where knowing what you want is so important.

An opportunity came up and initially I was excited. It seemed like a good path to take. Talks went on for a few days. At some point, I felt like I was being taken for a ride. You know how sometimes you can’t explain or can’t put a finger on what exactly a person said or did, but somehow you don’t feel comfortable? That was the feeling I got and decided to walk away from it. But the period leading to that decision was – not easy – at all. All sorts of emotions and thoughts came up – fear, anger, FOMO, doubt. But I meditated a lot on this and I got very clear answers. It is so important to know what exactly you want. In life, there are many opportunities that come our way. When we say yes to one thing, it means we are saying no to other things. So, choose opportunities wisely.

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