New job – I’m not ready yet!

I have this new job opportunity coming up at work, but I feel I’m not ready yet. Maybe I should wait till I am qualified enough.

How many times have we heard this statement, especially from women!

In nearly all cultures, men seem to have higher self-esteem. Quite often we hear about the gender gap in pay – a higher percentage of men are in high paying jobs and only a small percentage of women have made it to the top!

There are many reasons that have been debated for why women feel this way. As women, our nurturing side takes priority and we feel the need to put our family first before work! Or is this something to do with how men and women are genetically wired? If so, it doesn’t seem to be fair! Does it?

Research shows that in the Western world (like USA and Australia), women compare themselves to men. So the genetic wiring, if it has any part to play, doesn’t favour women. In fact women are doing themselves injustice by comparing themselves to men. Whereas in Asian countries, it seems that women compare themselves with other women and not men as much. In my opinion, comparison is not needed at all – either to men or women. We are all individuals, which means we all are unique!

I am very lucky to have a supportive family who encourage me to get on with every project that I feel like trying! At any given time, I usually juggle a few balls – in terms of work, charity, hobbies and so on. So, do I not nurture my family? I love my family to bits and always make them my first priority, but not the ‘only priority’ – that makes a big difference to the way I look at my life and all I want to do. This means that I allocate quality time for my family and for other projects too. Sometimes, my family need me more and at other times, one of my projects may need more of my time.

Was it always this easy for me? No! With most things that happened in my life, I was wired to wait till I felt appropriately qualified. To be honest, I was a perfectionist. Years of small changes have changed my basic nature and I am prepared to take on a little more risk than I would have before.

I think it also comes to being open to go outside your comfort zone. Men are generally open to taking more risk than women. They are happy to take up a job even though they may not be qualified enough and often know that they will deliver something, whereas, women need a bit of pushing to go outside their comfort zone. It can be hard for us to do it ourselves and that is where a mentor or a friend can come in handy.

But imagine if we ‘women’ can do the same – be a little more bolder and put our hands up to take up that new job opportunity; push our comfort zone a little more and learn as we go.. I know it is easy to make that comment, but as someone who has gone through that change, I can say it is something that is ‘totally’ possible.

If you really want something, put together a basic plan and go for your dreams! Be ready to fail and get up and learn. Keep trying, again and again, and see how your life changes!