Reflections from July

Hello readers. Did you miss me in the month of June? I am sorry that I couldn’t deliver my monthly reflection as Rona paid us all a visit and I had to take care of our health. July has been a month of introspection. I was moving a lot of the stale energy – inside me, around me and replacing it with fresh, vibrant energy.

These are my two current favourite ways of doing this.

Technique 1:

I came across this concept when I was listening to my favourite podcast from Raj Jana. The guest on the show mentioned this concept called Ho’oponopono and I became fascinated. It is an ancient Hawaaiian technique. I purchased the book straight away (I do spend a bit on books); not only did I read it but have been practising it.

The gist is that you use forgiveness as a tool – for you to move forward in life and also to achieve results. The guest speaker said he used this ritual to actually make multi-million dollar transactions go smoothly (fascinating, isn’t it?)

It requires paying attention to any dissatisfaction, mood swings, low energy, unhappiness and sometimes even nastiness (towards myself and/or others). But if there is one thing I turn to when I find any hint of the above, it is the chanting of the Ho’oponopono mantra.

The mantra is very simple and you can use it in your life too. Whenever you feel any negative emotion, start by acknowledging that everything is your doing. The emotions can be from the present day or even from early as your childhood. Then say out loud the four sentences below and truly mean it.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.

You can use it as a part of your everyday life and chant it like a mantra – ten times in the morning and ten times before you go to bed. If at all anything, it gives me peace and helps me carry on with positive vibes.

Technique 2:

Around 5-6 years ago, when I went for a walk, I felt a tingling sensation in my fingers, especially my left hand. Most people would say ‘It’s normal Obu, you are walking – what do you expect? Of course, your fingers will be tingling because of the blood flow’ and carry on with their lives. But I paid attention, it was intriguing. I wanted to see if I can get the same sensation when resting and sitting quietly. Slowly, I could feel it. That is how my journey started.

I then started experimenting with breath. How to slow down my breath. There is an interesting (true) story I read somewhere that tortoises live up to 500 years because they breathe like 3-4 times a minute. I’ve tried slowing my breath to that level – that is hard and requires a conscious effort.

This technique particularly comes in handy when I go for blood tests (not a big fan of needles) or the doc wants to check my blood pressure.

Then there is chanting om (A-U-M) and sitting with the vibes.

Using these techniques in the past month and even years has helped me in everyday life.

But Ho’oponopono has been life changing. I am able to forgive quickly and move on. This is in your best interest more than for anyone else.

May this activate heaps of good luck in your life 🤞🏽

I also got to go on the front cover of the Wyndham Women’s Magazine – an amazing opportunity where I got to showcase my Indian culture and an ancient musical instrument called ‘Veena’.

P.S. My Lemonade Stand webinars have been on pause and I will adopt a ‘podcast’ mode for these in the future.

That’s it from me for this month folks. Hope you had a great month too.

Until next time, take care.