Three steps to deal with challenging situations

Happy New Year!

This is a beginning of a new decade. When you think about the last 10 years, how has your journey been? Has it been one to your liking or did it just happen?

Many times, we underestimate what can be done over a period of time.

I’m sure there has been both ups and downs in the last decade or even over the period of your life.

When an undesired event happened, how did you deal with it? Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of a person? There is no simple answer because each event is unique, each person is unique and we all handle things differently.

A death or terminal illness can be so hard compared to a job loss. But who knows what the job loss means to that person? How will it affect the people around him/her? What if he/she was the sole income earner?

But there is one thing that can definitely help us all in times of need or when we feel down.

That is the ‘power of positivity’.

Positive thinking isn’t magic and it won’t make all your problems go away. What it will do is make problems seem more manageable and help you approach hardships in a more positive way.

In the grand scheme of things, the Universe always has your back. If you think about some of the disappointments you’ve had – a loss of job, troubled relationships, health challenges – what things came out of it?

Did you get a better job or one that you liked? Did you get a new friend in your life?

What goodness came out of the disappointment, failure and setbacks?

Many a time, these unpleasant situations are a blessing in disguise.

In life, what you focus upon becomes true. When you feel down, if you only focus on that, then you feel a lot more terrible. On the other hand, if you feel gratitude to all the things you have – food on the table, your family, a roof over your head – any small thing, the feeling of gratitude becomes multi-fold and attracts other good things into your life.

Here are my three steps to deal with challenging situations:

  1. It’s ok to feel the emotions that have resulted from the situation. Let it wash over you and know that it’s okay to feel.
  2. When you have felt the emotion fully, (cried enough or been angry enough), then make a decision. Believe that the Universe always conspires ‘for you’ and not against you.
  3. Give gratitude for all the things you have. Also, say thanks for all the goodness that is to come out of this situation.

The next time you face a hard situation, follow my three steps and see how you go.

If you have any other way of dealing with situations, I would love to hear from you.