Write it down, watch it happen

Are you into the habit of journaling?

Journaling is way of writing down your thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you have been to a personal trainer, you know that one of the things they ask you is to keep track of your nutrition in your journal. They want you to note down details of your food (what, how much), water intake and even sleep.

Once you do this for a week, you will be shocked to find what goes into your body. That cookie at morning tea time and a chocolate with your afternoon coffee can add up to extra calories that you definitely didn’t account for.

But journaling doesn’t have to be only for fitness.

This is such a powerful tool to gather your thoughts and often find the answers that are elusive when you try hard to find it.

Journaling tips:

  1. Get a small notebook or an agenda book. Decorate it and make it your own.
  2. Determine your goals and write it on the first page. Do you want to lose/gain weight? Do you want to save $5,000 by the end of the year? Feel motivated? Spend more time with family? Stress less?
  3. Be consistent. Personally, my advice is to write in your journal every morning while you drink coffee/tea. This helps you also jot down anything that is on your mind and occupying brain space. If you prefer writing in your journal at night before you sleep, then you can note down all that happened during the day, including any part of your goal that you worked upon.
  4. Be honest with yourself as this is your personal diary and no one has to see it.
  5. If possible, carry it with you at all times as inspiration can strike at any time and you can pen your thoughts.

Often, I like to pen my gratitude in my journal. Being grateful attracts more of what you are grateful for!

Try this and see if it helps with achieving your goals or finding solutions.