Happy New Year Folks!

Another year to do all the things you want.

My son spends quite some time on his laptop (as do most teenagers), but he also has a lot of knowledge about random interesting facts. We were talking the other day and he mentioned about the fourth dimension. In the simplest of my understanding, there is no time concept in this dimension. My son explained something like you are a baby and an adult – at the same time, the door is closed and open – at the same time.

I was wondering if this is true and if I were in the fourth dimension, then the new year technically doesn’t mean much. A lot of other things would be easier too – if you were late for a meeting, you still wouldn’t be late I wished I were in the fourth dimension – who wouldn’t? Especially after the hard year we’ve had in 2020, this sounds like a dreamland.

Since I technically cannot be in the 4th dimension, I asked myself – how else can I live my current life as if I were in this dimension.

Let me share some thoughts…

  • If there is no time, there is no ‘new year’. We would all go about each day as if it was the best thing ever!
  • If there is no time, there wouldn’t be a deadline and a rush to do things (a little like the 2020 COVID lockdown time). And because of that, we would still do all the necessary things but without the hurry and enjoy doing the things we want.
  • If we were in the fourth dimension, we wouldn’t worry about dying and my previous point is even more true. But we will all die one day – so ignore this one!

Can you see how COVID, sort of let us live in the fourth dimension – even if briefly? Most individuals had a lot of time and me being the glass-half-full kind of person, will say, a lot of people lived a peaceful, happ-ier life, slowing down and enjoying family, hobbies and life in general. A lot of people lived a life true to themselves and what they wanted.

How can you adopt this as a habit in 2021?

Reflecting on your journey last year is the key. This will help you understand what worked for you and what you want to embrace in 2021.

For me personally, I enjoyed working from home, spending more time with my family and also taking care of my health. I also realised that I like a lot of downtime without the need to do something or be someplace.

As is a tradition in our household, my family and I reviewed our goals for 2020 and what worked for us. There were wins that we expected and some other unexpected ones too (more family time and my children helped a lot with household chores ).

Last December we set goals for 2021. I know my children will be ok. Considering that the COVID situation still has an effect on our lives and some of our work situation, I am going to do the best I can and truly let the universe support me. One of the best things with goal setting is that you have a guide but then let the path unfold without any expectations.

If you don’t know what path to take, I have a goal-setting workshop happening in early February. You might want to invest some time to get an understanding of your road map for 2021. Reach out to me and let’s chat or complete this EOI form.