Money container – how big is yours?

If you had $500……. Or $5,000 or $50,000, what would you do with it? Many times, we say, ‘If only I had a $1000, I would…’ or ‘If only I won $1 million in the lottery, I would….’ But what would you actually do if you had that extra money? If someone gifted you $1,000, […]

5 things people who are good with money never buy

People who are good with their money are not big spenders. I was really lucky to grow up with this principle. We were taught to never ask for anything because someone else had it. If we really wanted a colouring kit or pen or whatever, then our parents will buy it. So, ‘my friend has […]

The stories you tell yourself will make or break you

Have you ever tried calling a friend after a long time and your call goes straight to voicemail? You wait for a couple of days hoping your friend will call you back. Even after a week, nothing. You decide to try one more time. Again, the call goes to voicemail. Now, your mind operating the […]

The seven habits of financially happy people

Financial happiness can be hard when you are constantly trying to catch up with your debts and credit cards. But some people have discovered how to be financially happy. Here are the 7 habits of financially happy (FH) people. Habit #1: They spend less than they earn This sounds way too simple but is the […]

Reflections from August

Hey lovely ladies ❤ August has been an interesting month for me. We are yet again in another lockdown – lockdown 6.0 and my heart goes out to those who are struggling mentally, financially and emotionally. This month started for me on a weary note. In my journal, reading my notes, I was tired for […]

Are you a boundary badass?

‘Mommy, my zoom is not working and I can’t log in to class’. ‘I’m just on my break and thought I’d call for a quick chat’ ‘Darling, I’m going to be late, yet again. I know it’s my turn to cook, but what’s for dinner?’ Or ‘Can you put your plate away after your meal?’ […]

Are you an imposter?

Have you ever felt like everyone knew what they were doing, except you? Do you feel like one day the fraud police will come looking for you and drag you from your desk? If you answered yes to any of those questions, welcome to the imposter’s club. In fact, many of us would have experienced […]

Is your self-worth based on achievements?

From a young age, we are trained to celebrate achievements. When a baby learns to walk or talk or even be toilet trained, he/she is rewarded with a sticker or a ‘you are so smart!’ comment. At school, the top score is recognised with accolades and awards. Eventually, children learn to associate a top score […]