A fulfilled life can help you attract money 🤑

With the end of 2023 almost in sight, let me ask you – ‘how has your year been’? Is it what you envisioned or has it surpassed your expectations? At this time of the year, we can be a bit low on energy. With the change in season and also for parents, being the last […]

Are you willing to earn more than your partner?

Read that question again. Are you willing to earn more than your partner? Your first impression (as a woman) will be ‘Why, yes, of course, Obu. I am willing to earn more than my partner’. Quite often as women, we somehow sabotage our money-making capacity. We think that in order to earn more, we have […]

5 things people who are good with money never buy

People who are good with their money are not big spenders. I was really lucky to grow up with this principle. We were taught to never ask for anything because someone else had it. If we really wanted a colouring kit or pen or whatever, then our parents will buy it. So, ‘my friend has […]

The stories you tell yourself will make or break you

Have you ever tried calling a friend after a long time and your call goes straight to voicemail? You wait for a couple of days hoping your friend will call you back. Even after a week, nothing. You decide to try one more time. Again, the call goes to voicemail. Now, your mind operating the […]

Reflections from September

Hiiii! Yet another month has gone. With September behind us, we only have three more months until the end of 2021. A lot of people are in disbelief that the year has gone just like that. With COVID yet again taking the focus, all over the world, there are many more days ahead of us […]

The seven habits of financially happy people

Financial happiness can be hard when you are constantly trying to catch up with your debts and credit cards. But some people have discovered how to be financially happy. Here are the 7 habits of financially happy (FH) people. Habit #1: They spend less than they earn This sounds way too simple but is the […]

Persistence is the antidote to resistance

When we were young, we used to play on this swing in our house. Now, this is not your average one-person swing. In India, people used to have these massive, heavy wooden swings where 4 or 5 people can sit on, at a time and swing. You can imagine the manpower required to push this […]

Building a beautiful relationsip with you

When it comes to relationships, we focus on our relationship with others – with our family, friends and colleagues. How often do we think about our relationship with ourselves? I guess the answer for most of us is – not that much! Most people don’t like sitting with their thoughts. In moments of solitude, we […]

My lessons from January

Do you know the story about the hare and the tortoise? Once, a hare and a tortoise decided to have a race to see who was the quickest. The hare was super confident of his speed and laughed at the tortoise for even participating in the race. The tortoise on the other hand decided to […]

Your roadmap to 2021

Happy New Year Folks! Another year to do all the things you want. My son spends quite some time on his laptop (as do most teenagers), but he also has a lot of knowledge about random interesting facts. We were talking the other day and he mentioned about the fourth dimension. In the simplest of […]